Living innovation lab


Co-creation space


Lean startup

The banking sector is changing

Technology has transformed human behavior in such a way that financial organizations need to be up-to-date so they can adapt and develop new products and services that meet new consumers’ demands.

Innovation driven by "Fintechs" and "BigTechs“ is a tool that financial institutions can leverage to minimize internal friction and maximize their traditional competitive advantages.

Bankinglab develops leading use cases that are easily transferrable to real-life proofs of concept designed to be experienced in the co-creation space.

How new technologies
can impact the
financial industry:


  • Analysis of competitors and new market players.
  • Trend detection and situation analysis: what is already happening?, what will likely occur in the short, medium and long term?
  • Early detection of key elements that can help financial institutions transform their business.
  • Customized approach based on the specific needs of each entity.

Lean Startup

  • Agile methodologies.
  • Cost reduction (time and resources)
  • Faster decision making.
  • Earlier implementation of the business model.


  • Testing Laboratory designed to validate and check the reliability of new startup-developed technologies.

Sandbox as a service

  • Co-creation tool that allows companies to explore and test new digital services in a more tangible and interactive way.

From concept to reality

Financial organizations need both adapting to new user needs while develop strategies to enhance their competitive advantage.

We analyze the benefits of disruptive technologies as well as start-ups and fintechs to help banks achieve their goals.

Bankinglab delivers a new innovative approach that complements and adds value to financial organizations service offering.